Why Do You Need A VPN In South Africa?

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The Internet has become highly available to modern households in South Africa. The average South African can spend up to 16 hours a day on the internet, excluding screen time on mobile devices.

Students will use the Internet for research, and later in the day, they will switch over to streaming and indulge in online gaming. The average gamer will stay up until one in the morning, playing their favorite titles on Steam.

It is not like we have restrictions on Netflix and the newly launched Disney+, but we have more pressing security issues revolving around our daily Internet usage than we even know of or will consider an issue or a threat.

The reason why it is a good plan to invest in a VPN in South Africa is to protect yourself from data mining and to prevent financial loss.

Loss can come in many forms, which is not to say only people trading with finance or running a business are vulnerable to phishing attacks. It can happen to anyone in South Africa.

Browser hooks are also very popular in South Africa. It is when a script is injected into your computer and your browsing activity can be viewed in real-time by the attacker, who can see what you are typing in real-time. This can reveal all your plans, your cryptos, what you are trading, and even what you are thinking. It can even lead to identity theft, and cloning of your cards, for the online gamer, it can lead to the loss of your steam account and the total value of the account.

The list can go on. Another form of loss is when the attacker intercepts e-mails sent out via accounting software and modifies the banking details. No one is focusing on verifying the banking details, and your clients will pay the hacker instead, only realizing it when it is too late and the hacker has already moved the money from the account.

Some of the above incidents have happened to me and also to people I know, so why would you not protect your IP address and yourself by investing in a good VPN?

The benefits of a VPN in South Africa are that you are invisible on the Internet, you can stay anonymous on websites and your connection to the internet is encrypted.

Another advantage of a VPN in South Africa is the ability to view websites that rank in other positions in other geolocations, also very good for research and exploring the internet.

The Premium VPN Service in South Africa will deliver fast and stable connections while doing what you love on the internet.

I have made a list of five VPN services you can trust to use in South Africa.

Why Do You Need A VPN In South Africa?

I will do more reviews on VPNs and the software and apps, spend time on the VPNs to see how well they do.

At this stage, I am using Pure VPN and I am also a frequent user of Tunnel bear. 

I hope my insights and thoughts can help you decide on a VPN, you can almost not put a price on your privacy you never know who’s watching. The software that aids in online attacks is becoming more available to the public than ever before and now white hat hackers can become black hat attackers because of how the world economy is taking a downwards spiral.

A film to watch about hacking that I have enjoyed is on Netflix called Blackhat staring Chris Hemsworth.

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