Carnivore Diet Can Help You Lose Weight

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If you are not familiar with a meat-free diet, I strongly suggest reading this post first, a step-by-step guide written specifically for people just like you, before trying to cut down. It is very possible that you will lose weight naturally with a carnivore diet, as so many people have experienced before. With a total elimination of starchy/carbohydrate foods and an increase in filling, nutritious animal foods, many people will soon see a reduction in body fat once they begin this exciting lifestyle.

The meat-eater diet is probably the best diet for a healthy weight loss, as it is packed with nutrients, is free from anti-nutrients in plants, and is unbelievably filling. That is, extremely high protein amounts and total elimination of carbohydrates are unnecessary for fat loss on the Carnivore Diet. Studies have shown that a protein-rich, low-carbohydrate diet such as the carnivore diet helps to lose weight.

You definitely can lose weight with high protein, high fat, low carbohydrate, but you may be able to lose it slightly more quickly with a higher protein, moderate fat, low carbohydrate approach. Similar to a ketogenic diet, eating a strict diet of meat may help you lose weight more quickly, as you are shifting your primary energy source away from carbohydrates to fat. Eating foods that are higher in fat, as opposed to those that are protein-heavy, is more likely to result in ketosis, a process in which fat is burned as a fuel rather than carbohydrates, leading to faster weight loss over the short-term. Eating foods that are higher in fat also makes the person feel fuller. While you should choose lean cuts of meat for supporting weight loss, as mentioned earlier, you will still want the fat, which is your primary source of energy in the meat-eater diet.


Replacing carbohydrates with fat and protein may result in a rapid water weight loss once the carnivore diet begins. Another reason is that meat is calorically dense, so you may be eating too much of it for your weight loss needs. Also, it is going to be very hard for you to overeat calories when the only choice of foods is an animal-based one, and animals are generally quite filling due to high levels of protein and fat.

Dietitians say if you are going to limit your diet to just one type of food, meat is the most nutritious option. When you are trying to lose weight, the best meat-based treats are ones made with lean meats, such as beef jerky, or you can make dried ground beef, which is both healthy and calorie-dense. While there is no single way to eat a carnivore diet, some practitioners recommend eating fattier cuts of meat and other higher-fat animal products.

The carnivore diet, a diet where individuals drastically cut back on carbohydrates and mostly stick with eating meat, is in fact followed by regular individuals who want to increase their protein intake, and who derive certain benefits from cutting back on carbohydrates of any type, including fruits and vegetables. That is, there are individual accounts that say that a carnivore diet helps people lose weight, lowers inflammation, and improves blood sugar levels for people with diabetes. Another possible reason why people lose weight with a carnivore diet is because it can help the body get into a state of ketosis. While weight loss is one of the biggest attractions of the carnivore diet, some people who try it have reported rapidly gaining weight and experiencing bloating, along with other issues like odor, bad skin, pimples, and upset stomachs.

Sure, you could lose weight on a diet shake, on a long lemon juice fast, or for one month on The Twinkies Diet. That might sound like a major contradiction when you think about mainstream dietary recommendations (low-fat, high-carb), but plenty of people are advocating for it.

It comes about because the new diets on the block are all about the zero-carb stuff, so your body, by design, is going to start prioritizing burning fat instead of carbohydrates and sugars. By the very nature of this new diet, several essential nutrients and minerals must be eliminated, nor is there fiber.

If you are looking for an excuse to have steak for breakfast and bacon for lunch, perhaps this new diet is right up your alley. Given how restrictive the all-carnivore lifestyle and the quest for zero carbohydrates can be, it is not surprising that a new diet on the block has been a topic of great discussion, and has been roundly criticized by dietitians and doctors, leading to such headlines as Vegetables are good for you, we promise,, and others. Most proponents of the diet have been advocating fatty red meats in order to maintain caloric intake and satisfaction levels.

Because this enticing lifestyle limits carbohydrates something that many South Africans depend on for energy, you are steering your body towards a more metabolically flexible state (ketosis) in which fat is best utilized for energy. It is important to ingest an appropriate amount of fat for energy and health, particularly because the types of protein and fat found in beef may be very nutritious, promote muscle maintenance and growth, and are linked with health benefits such as weight loss. While there is not enough research to establish lean as an undisputed fact, there is sufficient evidence to suggest a high-fat, low-carbohydrate diet may enhance heart health and lower inflammation. Low-carb diets may help keep the makeup of inflammation-causing fatty acids at bay, according to one study.

In fact, a study in 17 obese men found that high-protein, low-carb diets dramatically decreased their levels of compounds that helped protect against colon cancer, when compared with high-protein, moderate-carb diets. A research study on 132 obese individuals over the course of three months, which were given various protein-rich diets with different degrees of carbohydrate consumption, showed that those consuming high protein showed better results with weight loss compared with those who had lower protein in the diet. Other studies show similar results, suggesting that increasing protein consumption and decreasing carb consumption can result in more lasting weight loss compared with low protein, high carbohydrate diets.


Carnivore Diet Can Help You Lose Weight
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