F1 This Weekend Sun, 27-29 May – Circuit De Monaco

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The Circuit de Monaco, located within Monacos principality, is a road circuit that hosts the Formula One Grand Prix de Monaco each year. The Circuit de Monaco is laid on the streets of Monaco’s Monte Carlo district, thus its usual appellation, Monte Carlo. The Monaco Grand Prix was part of Formula One’s inaugural world championship program in 1950, and was held continuously for more than six decades until it was absent in 2020 because of the pandemic. To this day, the Monaco Grand Prix continues to retain its reputation as a destination for Formula Ones world championships for the wealthy and famous, with the Circuit de Monaco known as a place of outstanding glamour and prestige.

The Monaco Grand Prix(tm) is a mythical race, the toughest in Formula One world championship, and is one of the greatest and most difficult motorsport events in the sports calendar. The Grand Prix of Monaco is one of racings most historical events, and was first held around the streets of the principality in 1929. As one of the most recognized destinations and an iconic sporting event worldwide, the Monaco Grand Prix is truly a bucket-list experience for any traveler. The glitz and glamour Monaco has is one of the reasons fans flock to watch the Monaco Grand Prix there, the other being the scenic backdrops you are treated to while watching the race and enjoying an absolute viewing experience.

While Monaco does not always provide us with the best races, being there and watching Formula 1 cars scream down narrow streets in a perfect precision millimetres away remains one of the definitive viewing experiences. The Monaco Grand Prix does not so much capture Monaco, it becomes Monaco, with tens of thousands of fans streaming down to Monaco, filling the narrow streets, filling up cafes and pizza restaurants, and spilling over into the track itself. As Formula One cars get bigger and heavier, this makes racing through the streets of the principality borderline impossible, leading to a Sunday procession. It is certainly worth staying late, because Monaco comes to life during the grand prix weekend, with an amazing party scene, most of which takes place in the streets.

Quite a few fans are camping overnight ahead of the Grand Prix, with others going so far as to worry about locking their folding chairs up using a bicycle lock.

Often described as a crown jewel of Formula One, a divided opinion, Monacos Circuit de Monaco is set to be even more intriguing in 2022, with a new breed of cars for the sport set to do battle on track. The 2021 Monaco Grand Prix (officially known as Formula One Grand Prix de Monaco 2021) was a Formula One motor race held on 23 May 2021 on the Circuit de Monaco, a road circuit running through the principality of Monaco. It was the fifth round of the 2021 Formula One World Championship, the 78th time that a Grand Prix has been held in Monaco, and the first since 2019 since it was canceled after the 2020 round was canceled because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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