Eskom Extends Load Shedding Hours For Saturday And Sunday

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In the earlier notification, Eskom announced that the phase 2 load shedding would only take place during the evenings, but warned that they may change their plans on short notice. The electricity utility said it would continue to closely monitor the system, adapting and communicating any changes that might be needed. Eskom said Eskom would continue to monitor the system, and that shipments of diesel are expected to arrive Monday. In a brief statement, Eskom spokesperson Siphonathi Mathshantsha said the electricity utility was expanding its load-shedding in order to conserve the diesel reserves that it was burning in order to keep lights on.

Meanwhile, she added, one generator at the Duvha Power Station had gone down last afternoon, and one generator at Tutuka and Medupi Power Stations had been returned to operation. Eskom confirmed the damage to Tutuka and Medupi power stations, saying a wire was severed during the week as power stations were finalising preparations for bringing unit five back online. Eskom spokesperson Sikonathi Mantshantsha explained that from Saturday night, the power stations in Tutuka, Kamden and Majuba had experienced disruptions to each of Tutukas units. Eskom said that this was repaired by welding, with turbine systems charged by controlled air, and then restored to full operation.

Stage 2 loading shedding is continuing from 9am until 11pm tonight because there is a lack of capacity, Eskom confirmed Wednesday evening, having implemented the same measures all throughout Wednesday. Eskom announced ESKOM would introduce Stage 2 load shedding on Friday (10 July) because the national electricity supply system is experiencing increasing stress. Eskom has announced load shedding will again be a reality in South Africans lives, and has already released a timetable of when the electricity will be cut. Eskom expands hours for weekend blackoutsAnother cold, dark weekend is on the way, with Eskom rolling out phase two power blackouts between 8am and 10pm Saturday and Sunday.

Eskom to Implement Stage 2 Power Cuts Eskom is citing a continuing lack of generating capacity as a reason for power cuts. Eskom now has 3 405MW of generating capacity under planned maintenance, with another 15 534MW unavailable because of outages. Eskom said it has 3,405MW on planned maintenance, while a further 15,481MW of capacity is unavailable due to disruptions. Proving its point, Eskom announced Sunday, May 15 that Stage 2 loading shedding would take place this evening (5pm-10pm) and ramp up to Stage 3 Monday and Tuesday nights simultaneously, because of continued losses in generation capacity.

Eskom reiterated the usual Eskom message, which is that load shedding is implemented as a last resort to safeguard the National Grid. Load-shedding Status Currently we are not running load-shedding because of the large volumes of demand, or because emergency repairs are being carried out on some of our electricity plants.

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